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nugbosehaircut's Journal

Vnhoused, Vnsexed & Vndaunted
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Vnhoused, Vnsexed & Vndaunted,
The Queere Aduentures
Of Two Extraordinary Gentlepersons,
Their Faithful Seruant,
And the Dogge Trundletail

Being no Idle ROMANCE, but A Right and Veritable Rendering of Certaine True
Euents in the liues of the AUTHORES

by the_alchemist, yvesilena, and pussinboots

Three talented and somewhat silly authors embark upon a quest to amuse themselves and one another as well as any of the public unfortunate enough to be subjected to the bizarre and nearly-historically accurate fruits of our collaborating imaginations.

acting, adventures, alchemists, alchemy, baronets, big noses, bossy house-maids, boys in dresses, cod-pieces, collaborations, cross-dressing, dogs, doublet and hose, drama, excitement, fencing, girls in suits, great houses, grotesquely pious stillroom attendants, grumpy gardeners, historical novels, hypochondriacs, jacobean transvestites from outerspace, knights, lots of cross-dressing, megalomaniacs, misogynistic valets, more cross-dressing, orphans, pansexuality, pastiche, period pieces, plays, pretty boys, private jokes, rapiers, roaring girls, romance, ruffs, scandal, scary old uncles, shakespeare, situational humor, smart british peaches, spaniels, subtle humor, troublesome kitchen boys, unsubtle humour, villains, writing